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Star Wars 1313 News

  • News Boba Fett Features in New Footage of the Cancelled Star Wars 1313

    No good to us dead

    Star Wars 1313 is a bit of a sore spot for many a fan of the galaxy far, far away, and understandably so. It looked like a very promising action adventure title from EA, but as we all know, the project was ultimately cancelled. We've had some great Star Wars games in the years since, but we can't help but wonder about what...

  • News Looks Like Star Wars 1313 May Happen After All

    Not being sarlacc-stic

    If you're a Star Wars fan, you probably remember the Star Wars 1313 trailer – largely because it was excellent. It promised a grittier, more action-adventure based Star Wars game, not unlike Uncharted, and many people were pretty excited for it, considering it explored Boba Fett's past, something that hadn't really been done...

  • News Disney Dumps LucasArts in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Star Wars 1313's fate not looking good

    Disney’s questionable treatment of non-Star Wars: Episode VII content has continued today with the closure of legendary video game arm LucasArts. Following the Mickey Mouse marker's acquisition of LucasFilm along with its various subsidiaries late last year, the company has opted to shutter a large portion of...

  • News Star Wars 1313 Takes a Trip to the Underworld

    Going underground

    It’s hard not to raise an eyebrow over LucasArts’ treatment of Star Wars 1313. The game has already featured on magazine covers here in the UK, but it doesn’t actually have a platform attached to it yet. Is it a PlayStation 3 game or next-generation? The publisher won’t say. Instead, it’s decided to release the in-depth...

  • News Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Demo Has the Force

    Like a bossk

    Naughty Dog must be feeling awfully flattered right now. If there’s one recurring theme at this year’s E3, it’s that every third-person shooter looks a lot like Uncharted. Somewhat unsurprisingly, LucasArts’ upcoming Star Wars 1313 is the latest title to join the Naughty Dog love-in. The game’s first footage was debuted live...

  • News Explore the Criminal Underworld of Star Wars 1313

    Take a Luke

    LucasArts has raised the curtain on Star Wars 1313, a third-person shooter set within a “dark and mature world”. It’s the super secret title that the publisher teased last month. The game is set to unravel a “criminal conspiracy” in the “most dangerous place in the Star Wars galaxy”. If you’re curious, the title refers...

About The Game

Third-person shooter set in Star Wars universe.