Diamond in the rough

Sony XDev Europe, the Liverpool-based group responsible for external PlayStation projects, is planning some “fantastic announcements” at GamesCom. The outfit teased the tidbit on its Twitter page, adding that it’s “looking forward" to the show. The platform holder’s set to host a press conference on 20th August, where the spotlight will supposedly be pointed at the PlayStation 4.

For those out of the loop, Sony XDev Europe has worked on dozens of games, from LittleBigPlanet through to Heavenly Sword. The unit focuses its efforts on supporting independent developers working on exclusive games. So, titles such as Heavy Rain, Tumble, and Super Stardust HD fit under that bracket.

Speaking of which, we suspect that one of its reveals will relate to Housemarque. The Finnish studio has already confirmed that it will be in attendance at the German convention this month, presumably to pull back the curtain on its recently revealed PS4 projects.

But what else could the unit have to show? Well, we’ve got our fingers crossed for some new PlayStation Vita titles. It would also be nice to see some fresh content for Wonderbook – the whole initiative seems to have cooled off recently, but there are still supposedly a couple of Disney titles in the pipeline. What are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

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