GamesCom 2013

People may be panicking about the PlayStation 4’s complicated innards right now, but we suspect that that’ll be the last topic of conversation come 20th August. As usual, the Japanese giant has confirmed that it will be holding a press conference at this year’s GamesCom, which is set to take place at the Staatenhaus am Rheinpark venue on the aforementioned date. The event will start at 18:00PM BST (10:00AM PDT / 13:00PM EDT). Thank goodness for agreeable timing, huh?

Specifics regarding the show are being kept under wraps, but it’s safe to assume that the PS4 will feature prominently. The company still hasn’t confirmed a date for the console, but we suspect that that’ll be revealed at some point during the German event. Furthermore, we wouldn’t be surprised if it made a few announcements – it sounds like Sony Santa Monica is getting ready to reveal something, huh?

We’re expecting a few PlayStation Vita unveilings, too. Last year’s show centred heavily on the handheld, with both Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway being officially announced. With those games due out shortly, though, the company’s going to need to restock the handheld’s upcoming lineup. Despite the European setting, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony Bend popped up with its next project.

Of course, we’ll have plenty more speculation and coverage over the coming weeks. In the meantime, feel free to share your predictions in the comments section below.

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