Super Stardust HD 1

Super Stardust HD developer Housemarque is set to swap its humble home of Helsinki for the bright lights of Cologne later this month, as it heads to GamesCom – presumably to make some PlayStation 4 related announcements. The company confirmed that it’s attending the German convention on its Facebook page, explaining that there’ll be “more information coming soon”.

Earlier in the year, the outfit behind Outland admitted that it’s collaborating with Sony on two next generation projects. One of those releases will be a “spiritual successor” to the aforementioned arcade shooter, which you can expect to be announced during the platform holder’s press conference on 20th August.

Sony noted at E3 that it’s also working on a port of corpse culler Dead Nation for the PlayStation Vita, so it looks like it’s going to be a big year for the Finnish developer. Considering that the current generation Super Stardust still looks borderline next-gen on the PS3, we can’t wait to see what the studio’s able to achieve on fresh hardware.