Arguably the most exciting element of a major hardware launch are the minor details that accompany it: the startup sequence, the user interface, and the boxes. Sony’s yet to confirm exactly what form the PlayStation 4’s cases will adopt, but in traditional fashion, graphic designers around the globe have been making some exciting mock ups.

But while not every concept deserves your attention, this Killzone: Shadow Fall idea is the most impressive that we’ve seen thus far. The image centres on the Helghast’s famous glowing eyes as you’d expect, but the effect is really enhanced by the black case and dark banner at the top of the artwork. We also love the subtle use of blue – a hue that Sony’s been using a lot in conjunction with the console of late.

What kind of design and colours would you like the platform holder to adopt with the PS4's boxes? Do you like the look of the embedded concept? Let us know in the comments section below.