inFAMOUS: Second Son

There’s no smoke without fire, and everything that we’ve heard about inFAMOUS: Second Son’s new protagonist Delsin Rowe has supported that point. However, while developer Sucker Punch has led us to believe that the 20-something star will primarily take advantage of smouldering superpowers, according to Game Informer magazine, that's not quite the case.

“Delsin’s power is actually the ability to absorb other Conduits' powers,” the publication explained as part of its gigantic cover story on the game. “Sucker Punch wouldn’t elaborate any further on what other kinds of powers Delsin might absorb throughout his journey, but it stands to reason that Delsin will acquire a whole suite of new powers, which could range anywhere from ice-based blasts to electric attacks.”

So, in essence, rather than being limited to a single power, you’ll potentially have access to hundreds. It sounds inspired on paper, but we’re worried that the lack of focus may undo the series’ trademark polish. Regardless, as in previous games, your actions will have an impact on the protagonist’s personality, which may have an influence on the types of powers that he learns.

“This is an inFAMOUS game, so you will make choices all along the way,” said game director Nate Fox. “That plays out in how people react to you and how the story ultimately concludes.” Let’s hope that we get to learn a little more about the game at E3 next month.