Quantic Dream may be carefully applying the finishing touches to Beyond: Two Souls as we type, but that’s not stopped the company from starting work on its first next generation project. The studio confirmed that it’s already knee-deep in PlayStation 4 development earlier in the year, and now gaffer David Cage has hinted that you’ll be “amazed” by what the firm’s up to.

“I know that some people are surprised by what we can do on PS3 with Beyond, and we have heard many people even question whether this is a current-gen game,” he said in an interview with CVG. “But trust me, if I showed you what we're doing with the PS4, you would be amazed. It's really surprising. It’s another world.”

Cage added that the power of the platform will allow the studio to create experiences with “more subtlety, more nuance, [and] more detail" than ever before – attributes that he pointed to during February’s big PS4 coming-out party.

A domain name uncovered earlier in the year suggested that Quantic Dream’s next project could be called Singularity. If true, there's a chance that it may be linked to Ray Kurzweil’s non-fiction novel The Singularity Is Near, which deals with the subject of artificial intelligence. If the title's already in development, we're sure that we won't have to wait long to have our minds blown.

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