It’s that time of the year where throngs of serial whiners take the trip to Twitter to complain about firmware updates. Sony has deployed a new upgrade for the PlayStation 3, bumping the console up to v4.40. The download is mandatory, so if you intend to connect to the PlayStation Network at any point in the future, you should probably consider updating now.

While the patch doesn’t appear to change much other than software stability, VG247 reports that it also adds support for the platform holder’s RC-S380 NFC-powered card reader. The peripheral – which has apparently been available globally since last year – is able to read contactless IC cards. We’ve no idea why the PS3 needs that, but there you go.

If you're still antsy about these updates, remember that the PlayStation 4 will solve many of your complaints when it rolls around later this year. Then we can all get some peace.

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