"Quick, press the magic port button"

Despite atrocious sales that led to the closure of developer Junction Point, Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is coming to the PlayStation Vita – in Europe anyway. The news was originally revealed by Disney UK’s official Twitter feed, but was later confirmed by a European PlayStation Blog post. There’s currently no word on whether the title will be drawing itself onto international release schedules.

According to the announcement, the game will feature touch screen painting mechanics and tilt controls for the racing mode. The title will also boast a two-player Wi-Fi co-op option that is “exclusive” to the handheld, allowing you to “unleash the power of two” wherever you go. Let's hope that the core gameplay's better than its woeful PS3 counterpart.

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Fascinatingly, it seems that Sony’s helped port the title to its fledgling handheld. In addition to the inclusion of the SCE logo on the box art, junior product manager Alex Moyet confirmed that the platform holder’s contributing to the title’s development in the PlayStation Blog’s comments section. Given the poor reception to the original release, we’re not sure why it’s bothered, but perhaps the game was already in development before the reviews hit late last year.

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