Oswald the Lucky Rabbit must be seriously losing his charm. According to the LA Times, the poorly received Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two managed to shift just 270,000 units in North America during its first month or so on sale. That's roughly a million less than its Nintendo Wii exclusive predecessor achieved in a similar timeframe.

Apparently, Epic Mickey, which released in late November 2010, sold 1.3 million copies before the close of that year. If true, it represents a substantial decline in popularity for the series, despite the sequel expanding to new platforms such as the PlayStation 3.

We suspect that the poor critical reception may have had an impact on the game's woeful commercial success. We described the sequel as “sub-standard” in our review, and we weren't alone. There's no word on what it means for the future of Warren Spector's series, but with the bold Disney Infinity lingering on the horizon, we reckon that it might be a while before Mickey and crew embark on an epic adventure again.

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