Take a Closer Look at the PlayStation 4's New Controller

Sony didn’t just have a new console to showcase during this evening’s PlayStation Meeting – it also had a brand new controller. The imaginatively dubbed DualShock 4 features a similar shape to the PlayStation 3’s existing handset, but packs a wealth of functionality on top. These new features, according to the platform holder, will allow developers to deliver gameplay experiences that have “never been possible before”.

So, what’s on offer? Well, as speculated, the device packs enhanced motion control courtesy of new six-axis sensors. It also boasts improved analogue sticks with ridged surfaces for enhanced controls and curved L2/R2 triggers for smooth action. A new ‘Options’ button combines the current DualShock 3’s ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ inputs, making room for the touchpad in the centre of the unit.

But that’s not all. The controller also boasts a ‘Share’ button, which will allow you to broadcast gameplay in real-time to websites such as Ustream. It’ll also enable new asynchronous features; if you’re stuck on a stage, for example, your friends may be able to send you a health potion to get you through the level. You can also instantly upload images and video to websites such as Facebook.

And then there’s the light bar on the top of the device. This works in collaboration with the PS4’s dual camera to track the exact position of the controller in exact 3D space. The upgraded PlayStation Eye itself will feature four microphones capable of exact source detection, and will be fully compatible with the existing PlayStation Move, bringing more accuracy to the motion device than ever before.

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