Acceptable in the 80s

The online sleuths have certainly been slipping. Media Molecule's website has included a teaser page hinting at its next project for over six months now, but it's only just been discovered. The mysterious entry certainly isn’t hard to find. If you mosey your way over to the developer’s ‘Games’ page, you’ll spot a rather cryptic ‘?’ symbol. Give it a firm click with your cursor hand, and you’ll be treated to a blast of Toyah Willcox performing her 1981 hit ‘It’s a Mystery’ on Top of the Pops.

There’s very little else to look at, though the META data (used to inform search engines about the page's content) does include keywords such as “what we are doing at the moment” and “new game”. The Guildford-based developer is, of course, busy finishing off Tearaway for the PlayStation Vita, but it also has a larger team believed to be working on a next-generation project.

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