"Now I just have to unleash the tiger..."

Feel like you've accomplished everything Rook Islands has to offer in Ubisoft's latest first-person frenzy, Far Cry 3? What about the competitive multiplayer and co-op modes? To keep things feeling fresh, the publisher has released a brand new companion application for the shooter on iOS and Android – and best of all, it's absolutely free.

The 'Far Cry Outpost' allows you to decode encrypted in-game data during online sessions to obtain weapon modifications and monitor your progress. Unlocked upgrades can be given away or sold for XP points, adding an interesting commercial twist to proceedings. Furthermore, you'll be able to tweak your weapon loadouts on the fly, as well as discover new challenges in order to earn additional rewards.

You can observe an absurd trailer for the application in the space below. It looks like the insanity has infected more than just the inhabitants of the game.

[source girlgamersuk.com]