Jack Tretton must have got his dates muddled up. CCP Games’ ambitious free-to-play first-person shooter DUST 514 will not launch later this month like the executive stated in an interview in September – instead it will stay in closed beta throughout the rest of 2012.

"We'll be in closed beta for the rest of the year," chief marketing officer David Reid told Joystiq during a media presentation earlier today. "While determining the precise date for commencing open beta definitely will depend on player feedback, we're feeling confident that it won't be much longer after year end."

CCP Games wouldn’t detail exactly how many players have participated in the beta to date, but it did explain that the title has accommodated "hundreds of thousands of people" since launching in August. PlayStation Plus subscribers can obtain free access right now.

"Given the technical complexity of being the first developer to ever connect a console game to a live running PC MMO [Eve Online],” Reid continued. “This takes time to ensure we're meeting the quality bar we've set for ourselves and our players expect, and we're committed to doing this right."

In order to keep closed beta players interested, CCP Games has announced that it’s running a ‘Double Skill Point’ event from now until 8th November. You can learn a little more about that via the PlayStation Blog. For more information on the game, check out our enormous interview with the developer through here.

[via joystiq.com]