CCP Games’ ambitious free-to-play PS3 shooter DUST 514 is almost ready to emerge from its year-long multiplayer beta. According to SCEA president Jack Tretton, the ambitious title is set to attack the PlayStation Store next month.

The executive was speaking on FOX Business as part of an interview about Sony’s PS3 and Vita strategy. Talking about free-to-play games, he explained: “We do have free-to-play games. A game called DUST 514 is a full-blown first-person shooter available on PlayStation 3 that not only allows you to play against your friends on PS3, but also against people on the PC.”

He then added that the title would release "next month”. Of course, it’s entirely possible that Tretton's got his dates wrong – but CCP Games has always maintained that DUST 514 would release this year. As such, an October launch would certainly make a lot of sense.

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