Hone your abilities

Reckon you’ve got the best of Dunwall’s royal guard? You’ll be able to put your confidence to the test this December with Dishonored’s first expansion pack, Dunwall City Trials. The add-on includes “10 Challenge Maps” that will examine your skill against waves of enemies, time-trials, and a “gravity-defying run of drop assassinations”.

In addition, publisher Bethesda promises that there will be more Dishonored content drops throughout 2013, each offering a story-driven campaign. Daud, the supernatural assassin from the main game, will be the focus of the second pack next spring.

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In the meantime, Dunwall City Trials will set you back £3.99/$4.99. It’s probably not what you want from the exceptional stealth title, but it’s cheap enough, and there’s the lure of new Trophies. Who can resist delicious, shiny Trophies?