Wired Productions is aiming to make a splash this fall with Let’s Fish! Hooked On for PlayStation Vita. The arcade fishing title is the product of renowned Tokyo-based studio SIMS, who previously worked on SEGA Bass Fishing and Ape Escape for PSP. It features a striking anime art style, illustrated by manga luminary Poyoyon Rock.

The game boasts a full single-player story mode spread across four different character campaigns. Each protagonist has different skills, giving the gameplay a unique feel depending on who you’re playing as. “The intertwining — and often humorous — relationships between the game’s characters drive the story,” explains product manager Sean Walsh.

There are nine different fish to catch – including bass, trout and salmon – and 240 lures to earn across 11 outdoor themed stages. However, despite the evident depth, Wired Productions promises a “fast and fun” experience.

More details are expected in the coming weeks. In the meantime, latch your peepers onto the screenshots embedded below.

[source blog.us.playstation.com, via blog.eu.playstation.com]