Drake's blown away

Naughty Dog’s announced a gigantic patch for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’s multiplayer component. The update – memorably dubbed version 1.13 – includes over 137 pieces of DLC, various gameplay fixes, and a new Tournaments mode. That’s all in addition to over 50 PlayStation Network Trophies. It's set to release later today.

You’ll be able to unlock the new DLC by earning in-game levels and completing various treasure sets. Alternatively, you’ll be given the option to purchase the content directly from the PlayStation Store.

Meanwhile, the new Tournaments mode will allow you to compete in special matches with the aim of unlocking unique rewards. Anything you unlock will be offered to aid your progress in the next tournament.

To participate in tournament matches, you’ll need to spend tickets. You’ll get 10 free tickets at the start of each tournament period, but will need to buy more if you run out. A new Tournaments leaderboard will allow you to compare your position against the rest of the Uncharted 3 community.

There’s more information in the various trailers below. If you’re after the full patch notes, point your browser towards the Naughty Dog Blog.

[source naughtydog.com]