The pitchforks are well and truly out again. This time gamers are agitated over Atlus’ decision to region-lock the PS3 version of Persona 4 Arena – an issue which is largely unprecedented on Sony’s home console.

Sales manager Aram Jabbari explained that the move is not the beginning of a new policy, but more the unfortunate consequence of business decisions. He continued that due to the alignment of the Japanese and North American release dates (26th July and 7th August respectively) the company was concerned about cannibalizing the performance of the title in either of the aforementioned territories.

He concluded: “The decision to region-lock Persona 4 Arena was a business one, one that has very clearly affected how many perceive the project. But we ask you to please not overlook the exceptional efforts of the people behind the game and to work with us through constructive dialogue.”

Come on, guys – it’s really not a big deal.