Those that attended the recent Eve Online FanFest event in Iceland will be amongst the first external players to get beta access to CCP’s uber-ambitious free-to-play downloadable shooter DUST 514.

Currently the only people with access to the title are internal Sony testers. FanFest attendees are set to be invited soon, with an open beta due to launch at some point during the summer.

However, while development is clearly progressing, CCP is not committing to a firm release date just yet. Senior producer Jon Lander explained:

Since before Christmas we've been able to play it on PSN. E3 will be a big moment for us, so we'll show stuff there. When it's at the right place for people to see it, at that stage, we'll release it.

One of the things we learnt last year was, don't just ship something because you said you were going to ship on this day. Ship something that's worth shipping and let people then play it and get the real experience. But it's looking good. It's looking on pretty good form.

CCP recently teased that DUST 514 will use the PlayStation Vita as an alternative controller. Expect to see that demonstrated at E3, too.