The good old days

There was a time when gaming was all about hanging out with mates and competing on the couch. That time has since become a distant memory, as the importance of online gaming grows. But Lightbox Interactive is aiming to bring split-screen back... Well, sort of anyway.

The thing is, Starhawk will not feature four-player split-screen like its predecessor, Warhawk. According to the PlayStation Blog, just not enough people bothered with the four-player mode to make its implementation worthwhile.

Instead, Lightbox Interactive decided to focus on improving the mode that did get used a lot: two-player split-screen. Not only has the developer put a lot of time into changing the feature’s screen aspect ratio (resulting in a bigger map) but it has also implemented Dual Log-in functionality.

This allows two players to sign into a single PS3 and earn XP across different accounts. While you won’t be able to unlock character customisations or earn trophies (both are saved locally to the PS3), you will be able to take your XP with you and increase it wherever you go.

Pretty neat. More games should do this.