What's next for the Helghast?

Guerrilla Games is a busy studio at the moment. The Dutch studio currently has its hands on three different projects, including ongoing work on the Killzone franchise for PS3.

Speaking at a GDC panel, art director Jan-Bart van Beek hinted that the studio was committed to supporting the Killzone IP on PS3, but he didn’t explicitly state that the developer was working on a new game. Killzone 3 senior producer Steven ter Heide is thought to be heading up a new Killzone project, but it’s unknown whether the title is for PS4.

Van Beek continued that Sony Cambridge is now fully embedded in Guerrilla Games and working on Killzone for the PlayStation Vita.

But all eyes are on Guerrilla’s next project. The studio’s been working on a new IP for a while now, and while van Beek wouldn’t reveal the direction of the project, he did detail some of the rejected ideas.

One such project was Dark Science, a retro futuristic punk title set in the 70s in which you played as a character called Jake Crowbar in the hunt for monsters. We’re not going to shed any tears over the title’s loss.

We’re secretly hoping Guerrilla Games’ next project is a fantasy game. What would you like to see the studio do?

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