Cheap WipEout? Where do we sign?

If you’re looking for a good PlayStation Vita bundle here in Europe and, for whatever reason, you don’t want to shop at Amazon: telecommunications giant Vodafone just might have your back.

The mobile company’s uploaded its ordering page for Sony’s slick new handheld, and is offering a free 4GB memory card and copy of WipEout 2048 with all 3G orders. The catch is that you’ll need to top up at least £5 in order to net the futuristic racer, but given that you’ll also scoop up some 3G time for your expenses – it seems like a pretty good deal to us.

Vodafone had previously hinted that all 3G top-ups would be rewarded with a copy of WipEout 2048, but it’s unclear whether that deal still stands. Considering we’re two weeks away from the PS Vita’s launch and still don’t have access to official details about the system’s data plan here in Europe, we’re not surprised by the confusion.