You've got red on you.

When we were at high-school, the kid with ginger hair and pale skin was always the one that got laughed at. But since the emergence of the Twilight series – and more importantly, Edward Cullen – that same stereotype’s turned into the ultimate lady magnet.

Nah, we don’t get it either, but apparently vampires are the new boybands. Never one to shy away from poking fun at popular culture, Volition’s announced a new batch of DLC for Saints Row: The Third that takes a jab at the current teen trend.

The PR reads:

Screw Team Edward. Wouldn’t you rather be on team of a vampire with dual katanas and a thirst for enemy blood, like our very own vampire-hunter-turned-vampire, Nyte Blayde?

Our newest add-on for Saints Row: The Third, the Bloodsucker Pack, provides you with a brand new ability to latch onto your captives and regain health from sucking their blood, performed by pressing in on the right stick.

This pack also comes with other bonuses to keep you in the game, including VIP bonuses for Cash Boosts, Hourly Income, Respect, and the Scavenger ability.

The DLC will also boost the bonus attached to killing Professor Genki. If you happen to spot the psychotic shell-suited cat around Steelport, you’ll pocket $1,000,000 for putting him out of his misery.

The pack’s due out this week for $1.99.