Sony's uploaded a brand new video showing off two more of the PlayStation Vita’s augmented reality games. Both titles – alongside the previously demonstrated Table Football – will be available for free alongside the new handheld, and utilise the system’s various bundled marker cards.

The two games on show are Fireworks and Cliff Jumper. Unfortunately, the former is not an updated version of PS2 classic Fantavision, but it does include some similarly impressive effects. Here you’ll need to tap fireworks launching from your table-top in order to create an impressive display and maximise your score.

Cliff Jumper – which looks the weakest of the three titles – transforms your table-top into a diving board. The illusion’s cool – especially when you use multiple markers to create your own ambitious diving boards – but we’re not sure there’s much mechanical depth on offer judging from this short demonstration.

Still, it’s hard to complain about free tech demos, and as big augmented reality fans, we’re eager to give these games a whirl come February 22nd.