Back To The Future is this month's main PlayStation Plus freebie.

It's the time of the year when Sony drops a cavalcade of goodies on premium members, and this month's update certainly sets an exciting precedent for the rest of 2012.

The full season of Back To The Future headlines the update for North American and European subsribers, with all five episodes available free of charge. In Europe, they are joined by free copies of Voodoo Dice, Rally Cross and a couple of PlayStation Minis. The English language version of Arc The Lad is also finally available in Europe, and up for download too.

Those in North America are promised the original PSone Syphon Filter trilogy and a copy of Swords And Soldiers in addition to the aforementioned to Back To The Future series.

And of course, both regions are set to get a slew of additional discounts and downloads throughout the month.

For more information about this month's PlayStation Plus update, click through to the North American and European PlayStation Blog.