Lumines: a Vita must

After the avalanche of Vita announcements this week we've got some brand new screenshots of Ubisoft's Vita range to share with you.

First up is racing game Asphalt Injection, the latest in Gameloft's street racing series, featuring 52 licensed cars, 20 tracks and 100 different events to beat. It's not quite giving Ridge Racer a run for its money in the graphical stakes, but Asphalt is usually a decent series.

Yesterday we brought you new Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Vita details, a must-read for anyone who likes dungeon-crawling.

We've also had a look at Lumines Electronic Symphony, the next entry in the interminably addictive Lumines series, offering a new experience system and multiplayer options too. But best of all, it's more Lumines.

The third part of Ubi's line-up is Michael Jackson: The Experience — sometimes given a HD suffix — which is of course a music/rhythm game featuring the King of Pop. It's appeared on every other current-gen format in some form or another, though this one packs in online multiplayer.

Last up, there's Rayman Origins, the triumphant 2D return of Ubi's original limbless hero. The game's out on home consoles now and is, by all accounts, very good indeed.

So that's your line-up from Ubisoft: what do you make of it? Are you disappointed to see no Ghost Recon or Splinter Cell considering the machine's twin sticks?