Your hero awaits!

Dungeon Hunter Alliance is already available on PSN for PS3 and in our Dungeon Hunter: Alliance PlayStation Move review of the game at our sister site Movemodo, we thoroughly enjoyed dusting off our old armour and stepping into the dungeons to hack and slash our way through the medieval world of Gothics. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is creeping its way onto Vita, bringing an optimised version of the game that will take use of the system's unique control interfaces.

GameWorldGR recently sat down with Gameloft, giving us the first footage of the PS Vita version of the game in action, which you can see below:

From what we can tell in the video, the game looks to be much the same as the PSN version of the game, but unlike MotorStorm RC, the game won’t offer cross-platform options. Touch screen implementation is a welcomed addition to the game as navigating the many menus when upgrading skills and equipment should be easier than ever. Also, the addition of using the back touchscreen to cast magic could be highly accepted by those who have a preference for the magical arts in their dungeon crawlers.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance brings a long, dark journey through the dreadful world of Gothicus: online co-op, massive amounts of loot, deep levelling system and new game plus are but a few of the many features that will ensure that your journey through Gothicus will be a long one. We’ll bring you any details as they slip through the cracks before the game releases in early 2012.