You'll find quite a few people talking about the PlayStation Vita, and not all of them positively. "Why would I want to play a game like Uncharted on a small screen," they scream, "I'd rather play it on my big TV."

The insinuation appears to be that Sony has learned nothing from the mixed success of the PlayStation Portable, and that people don't want to play full-scale experiences on the Vita. While we'd be more than happy to argue that point, we don't actually think it sticks with PlayStation Vita's line-up. If you look at the likes of LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers and Everybody's Golf, they are all perfectly suited to pick-up-and-play portable gaming.

And then there's stuff like Escape Plan. Original experiences, designed with the PlayStation Vita specifically in mind. The sombre Fun Bits Interactive developed puzzler was announced earlier in the year at GamesCom, and has generated some serious buzz since then.

In a developer diary after the break, producer Matt Morton discusses the game's origins and art-style. There's some new footage in there too.