SEGA's Lifted The Lid On Binary Domain's Multiplayer Component.

The futuristic squad-based shooter is certainly a change of pace for the team ordinarily behind the fantastic Yakuza series, but it's got some neat ideas that set it apart from its immediate competitors.

While SEGA's been keen to promote the single-player experience of Binary Domain, it's been pretty much silent about multiplayer. Until today that is. SEGA's confirmed that like so many other titles in its genre, Binary Domain will boast a robust multiplayer component with a variety of modes and character classes to keep players engaged.

Admittedly the multiplayer seems relatively straight-forward, with various deathmatch variants on offer for up to ten players. Other playlists include Data Capture — a pseudo capture-the-flag — as well as Domain Control — a futuristic alternative of territories. Not one to be left behind, Binary Domain will also feature a co-operative mode for up to four players, in which teams face-off against progressively challenging waves of enemies.

Multiple player classes — ranging from Heavy Gunners to Demolition Experts — promise to add variety to the gameplay; with progressive unlocks and customisation features allowing the game to be tuned to different play-styles.

The multiplayer sounds familiar on paper, but then so does Binary Domain as a whole. It's the game's unique art aesthetic, intriguing enemy designs and sharp squad tactics that make it such an exciting experience. Hopefully SEGA can capture the interesting components of Binary Domain's single-player campaign to set its multiplayer apart.