But one question's been niggling our noggin since the game's announcement: why is Dr. Nefarious working with the heroes?

"Ratchet, Clank and Qwark have arrived on the planet of Luminopolis so that now Galactic President Qwark can pick up an Intergalactic Tool of Justice Award. Of course, there is no such award as it’s all an elaborate ruse by Dr. Nefarious to lure our heroes into a trap," explains Insomniac community manager James Stevenson. "Dr. Nefarious’s plan goes awry, and when your plan involves a giant light-eating Z’Grute, you know it’s going to be bad. Nefarious realises he has no choice but to begrudgingly help our heroes to save his own skin."

There's a bunch of new gameplay footage from the planet Luminopolis embedded after the jump. Admittedly, it all looks rather good fun.