Sony's New inFamous 2 Hardware Bundle Is A Tempting Proposition In North America.

"We have seen a significant acceleration in the sale of PlayStation 3," GameStop president Tony Bartel told

GameStop wasn't the only US retailer to notice an increase in sales for the PS3 either. Target echoed a similar sentiment in a statement published by IndustryGamers.

"At Target, we’ve seen an immediate lift in units sold since Tuesday's PS3 price-cut," a spokesperson told the website. "With the functionality of the PS3 – built-in Blu-ray player, Netflix steaming capabilities, stereoscopic 3D –   in addition to the new lower price and exciting software lineup for fall, PS3 is a great option for Target’s guests."

Sony will be hoping that its new cheaper price-point will propel the system to further success during this year's busy holiday season.