The PlayStation Blog has posted a retrospective video chronicling the company’s continued efforts to tap into the world of Augmented Reality.

Starting off with the PlayStation Eye on the PS2, the video first describes the humble beginings of the feature, which then required you to sit stationary in front of the TV. With the PSP and its camera, the player was then able to take the game on the go, transforming more than just their living room, and with the NGP Sony plans even more robust features.

NGP builds on our experience with augmented reality over the years with PlayStation 2/EyeToy, PSP, and PS3/PlayStation Move. With front and rear cameras that combine real-time images of you and your environment, a brilliant 5-inch multi-touch OLED screen and rear multi-touch pad, internal motion sensors, and dual analog sticks, NGP offers new ways to interact that will change the way you think about augmented reality games… and possibly even change the way you think about reality.

Jump to around the 3:30 mark in the video for the NGP goodies:

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