A free ticket to the battlefield

If you've held off from trying Zipper Interactive's 256-man shooter MAG, now's your chance to see why it lives up to its name of Massive Action Game with a 5.5GB demo available on the North American PlayStation Store.

While you'll be able to jump into battle with those who own the full game, your progress will be capped at level 8, which coincidentally is just when the game starts to impress with its epic scale battles. You'll still be able to accumulate experience points but they won't make a difference to your statistics unless you purchase the full game, which is a fair enough deal, really.

Interestingly, PlayStation Plus subscribers received a free game trial of MAG back in December when the file size was a comparatively meagre 4.7GB, meaning the new demo should be updated with all the regularly delivered free content that makes MAG such a compelling experience.

Want to know what waits beyond the level 8 cap? You need to read our MAG review (PS3) then.

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