Sony's Kicking Off Spring Fever In Style, With A Bunch Of Discounts For The Top PSN Titles Of 2010.

It still doesn't feel like spring yet, but there are tell-tale signs everywhere you look. It's about time too, the winter feels like it's been around forever.

We don't know how the winter's been across the pond, but SCEA's promising to warm you up regardless. This week marks the start of Spring Fever, a PlayStation Network led initiative of new digital releases and sales. The showcase kicks off today with the announcement of the winners for the PlayStation Network Gamers' Choice Awards 2011. All four of the games — Castle Crashers, God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta, Age Of Zombies, and Dead Nation — are getting their prices slashed. There's some real bargains on offer, particularly if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

This is just the start though. Spring Fever is set to run through to April 12th, and will see the following games released along the way: Slam Bolt Scrappers, Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime, Moon Diver and StarDrone (which is actually already out here in Europe). Sony's planning sales for a bunch of top PSN titles as part of the celebrations too. Good stuff.

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