In response to speculation surrounding the game's disappearance, David Jaffe has taken to his blog to explain that the showing was pulled in favour of a less-busy window.

"We were actually going to unveil some new stuff at last week's GDC (and the team busted ass to get the build looking and playing amazing)... but at the last minute we decided to pull it," Jaffe wrote.

"We all just felt that Twisted Metal is the kind of title that needs more attention and time than we would get by being sandwiched in between some of the megaton news announcements that dropped at last week's show."

Jaffe added that he felt Twisted Metal would benefit from coverage "away from the bombast of the epic story based games and announcements/displays of next-gen tech".

"For us, the next time we show off the game we want to really make it clear - to journalists and fans alike - that we feel we have something really fun and really special in today's market," he added.

Jaffe reconfirmed that the game is due out this year, and that new information is "coming very soon". About time too. We know Sony's busy hyping up other games right now, but the Twisted Metal space has been unnervingly quiet since last year's E3. We've got a lot of confidence in Jaffe and his team so we're going to assume the game's coming together great. But Eat Sleep Play probably have to show something before people: a) forget the game exists, or; b) start to speculate that something's wrong.