With one hand it giveth..

Yesterday we reported that Portal 2 will feature PlayStation Move support, owing to a German interview translated by Eurogamer. Now developer Valve has stepped in to say "remember when someone said PlayStation Move support was coming to Portal 2, and you were like, 'No way!' and then I was all, 'well actually it's not.' That was great."

According to Valve, the quote in question was "lost in translation", as spokesman Doug Lombardi confirmed:

Portal 2 does not include support for Sony's motion controller.

Despite this, Eurogamer is sticking to its claims that its original translation is accurate, and according to our independent translation Valve's Chet Faliszek did indeed say the game would have full PlayStation Move support.

All these crossed wires and misinformation is certainly confusing, but it sounds like – for now at least – there will be no Move support in Portal 2.

[source eurogamer.net]