Those In The Know Are Still Claiming Sony's Latest Handheld Will Be A Monster.

Ironically speaking at the 3DS event in Amsterdam last week, Rod Cousens told Eurogamer that rumours about Sony's next handheld are true. It is indeed a bit of beast.

“In portable areas you’re going to have statements, which already out in the press, saying PlayStation Portable 2 is as powerful as the PlayStation 3 – which is true.

“So you’re going to get mobile devices as powerful as what were considered notebooks. I just think it gets bigger.”

PSP2 is rumoured to be as powerful as the PlayStation 3. While that's not necessarily a 1:1 statement, there's a possibility that when running on PSP2's rumoured OLED screen, portable games will look comparable to Sony's premium high-definition console. Which is crazy.

We'll probably find out for sure this Thursday when Sony hold a mystery conference in Tokyo.