PlayStation Move Will Be A Big Component Of SCEUK's Advertising This Holiday.

With Microsoft about to launch their Kinect camera in under a week here in the UK, Sony's launched a £14million PlayStation Move advertising initiative to counter the "controller-free" hype.

Sony's formed partnerships with Channel 4, Disney, Nickelodeon and more, and will also sponsor Cineworld and Odeon's Kids Clubs.

The ad campaign will build on strong sales in the UK, with Sony already touting 250,000 PlayStation Move controllers sold in the country. SCE UK's marketing director Alan Duncan reckons there'll be 500,000 controllers in the British wilderness by Christmas.

"It is all about getting the device in people’s hands and we still need to keep doing that," he told MCVUK. "It has been a real success for us, we’re pretty much through quarter of a million units and we expect to sell half a million before Christmas. And when you have half a million advocates showing it to their friends and family, you will soon learn if you have a success or not."

PlayStation will be present in numerous shopping centres throughout the country in the build up to Christmas, after a successful tour last year. Looks like SCEUK's going to be pushing hard, hopefully it all pays off.

[source News: Sony Launches £14m Advert Campaign to Counteract Kinect Effect]