More Industry Insiders Claim To Have Knowledge Of The PSP2.

They have to get their kit out to developers in order for the systems to launch with games — but man, trying to get people to keep their mouth shut is next to impossible. Apparently people just can't miss an opportunity to say they know something about Sony's next handheld.

The latest in a string of rumours an unnamed sources comes from VG247. They claim to have been told by a "British source familiar with the matter" that the PSP2 is due out Holiday 2011, which is in line with other rumours we've heard.

“We’ve been told it’s coming in late 2011,” said the site's source.

PSP2 rumours have been running hot for a few months now. The device is inevitable at this point. It's just a case of when that announcement will come. We wouldn't be surprised if the hardware got revealed at GDC early next year. With the 3DS set to launch around March in the West, it would be a good way for Sony to steal some thunder. We expect the full reveal to come at next year's E3 however.

Either way, it's coming.