Have you been Moved this month?

On September 17th, PlayStation Move launched across Europe with a fairly wide range of titles: EyePet: Move Edition showed the controller's cute side, but Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition catered to core gamers too. Now we've had a month in Move's company, it's a good time to take stock of the controller's impact and its future prospects.


So far 18 PlayStation Move games have been released in Europe, quite a healthy figure for a launch period on a new controller. The ease with which these games can be patched means some of them were released months before Move – step forward, Heavy Rain – which slightly skews the number of games physically released in this first month.

We've reviewed 16 games for Move so far with an average score of 7.06, suggesting the controller is off to a good but not outstanding start. Only Racket Sports and Kung Fu Rider have received below average scores, but likewise no Move-enabled game has been rated above an 8.


Sony itself claims Move has shifted around 1.5 million units in Europe in its first month, a solid achievement.

On the software side, only Sports Champions has really made any impact on the sales charts, climbing to the second spot in the UK, with other Move-exclusive titles failing to make the top 10. Toy Story 3 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 have continued to sell well but it's likely Move support has next-to nothing to do with this.


There can be few disagreements that Move is a precise and highly versatile motion controller when implemented correctly. Its high level of control in titles such as Tumble and Sports Champions shows exactly what it's capable of, easily outstripping the competition in terms of precision and variety of application.

Looking Forward

With LittleBigPlanet 2 now delayed until next year, Sony's lost its biggest Move-supporting Christmas title. Although perennial sellers Buzz! and SingStar will both incorporate Move this year, it's difficult to see them swaying many casual into purchasing the controller for either title.

In Brief

Move's first month could be summed up pretty easily: the technology is fantastic; the games are not. Although there's plenty of decent software out there for Move, its launch line-up has lacked a killer app title to show off the controller's capability in full. Of course, that's not a surprise, with developers needing time to harness Move's potential, but it does mean that there's plenty more to come in the future.

Your Thoughts

With the first thirty days of life with Move behind us, how have you been enjoying the games? Does anything in particular stand out, or have you had any major disappointments? What titles do you see yourself purchasing down the line?