Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • US 1st Sep 2010
  • EU 15th Sep 2010
Controller Support


  • Review Kung Fu Rider (PlayStation 3)

    Is the ticket worth the ride?

    On the surface, Kung Fu Rider comes off as a fun variation on the downhill racing formula, removing the boxcars or skateboards players might expect to ride and switching them out for office chairs and luggage. To make this premise even more wacky, the protagonists periodically perform kung fu moves while riding these...

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Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot
Kung Fu Rider Screenshot

Kung Fu Rider News

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    While casually browsing the Nintendo Switch’s painfully slow digital storefront this week, one game in particular caught my eye: it’s called, amusingly, Gekisou! Benza Race -Toilet Shooting Star- and the typo-laden description explains that you’ll be riding a bog in various racing scenarios. The provided screenshots look scrappy,...

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About The Game

What do office chairs and the Chinese Mafia have in common? Kung Fu Rider.

Kung Fu Rider is a fast-paced, arcade-action game for PlayStation 3 that combines a comically off-the-wall in-game movement mechanic with the motion-control technology of the PlayStation Move system to create a gameplay experience not to be missed. Along with addictive fast-paced gameplay, additional features include a two-player co-op mode, 20+ game levels, PlayStation Network support and rankings, multiple ridable office chairs and more.