40, is now available to download. The update includes the functionality for Sony's new premium content delivery service, PlayStation Plus. But that's not all it does.

Indeed, there are a host of new goodies added to the PS3 with today's update. For one, the PS3 photo gallery is now enhanced with sharing functionality, allowing you to upload pictures from your PS3 straight onto Facebook or Picasa. You'll also be able to browse and comment on photos, and share them with friends. Interestingly, a video editor's also been included, allowing you to cut together your own clips and upload them directly to YouTube or Facebook.

The PlayStation Store's also getting an update, as you'll be able to rate PSN downloads out of five. New power saving features are also added, including an auto-shutdown feature which switches off your console if its been inactive for two hours.

Finally, and most interestingly, is the new PlayStation Network app in Facebook. This allows you to display your PS3 profiles directly in Facebook, aswell as allowing you to view friends profiles, send PSN requests through Facebook and more.

You can read more over at the PlayStation Blog. Good update though, right?