SOCOM 4 Suddenly Got A Whole Load More Exciting In Our Book.

Seemingly thrown in at the end of Sony's GDC coming-out party, the game looked barely finished and, as such, a little uninspiring. But this hands-on preview with IGN's Greg Miller has totally changed our perception. Not only was the game given a glowing write-up, but Greg's also posted up a video of himself playing the game with PlayStation Move.

There's no flash, no spectacle. It's just a dude playing a game. But that's the key here. We can tell from over Greg's shoulder that the Move implementation is just working. Those who've played Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Wii may be thinking, "yeah but, it's hardly new is it?", but our response to those people would be this: does it need to be? Resident Evil 4 on the Wii had a ridiculous intuitive control scheme with some of the best Wii Remote integration to date. Going back to the DualShock in Resident Evil 5 was, indeed, a step back. So to see that control scheme, being integrated into a fantastic looking next-generation shooter is exciting beyond belief.

Our SOCOM 4 hype just jumped from pretty low to through the roof.

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