If EA's Top Man Wants More Mirror's Edge, We Think It's Safe To Say We're Going To Get More.

“We’re still working through things like how to best deal with Mirror’s Edge 2,” he said. “There are some things we learned about that [first] game. It was, I think, a massively innovative product. To be honest with you, I think it’s a game that deserves to come back.

“Innovation doesn’t mean it all works the first time. If it did everyone would do it. I think Mirror’s Edge was a fascinatingly original world. Fascinatingly original art direction. Music and sound design was great. I think the gameplay mechanic was a blast, but was intermittent and the levels didn’t work.

“You found yourself scratching at walls at times, looking for what to do. Sometimes you had a roll going, downhill, slide, jump, slide, jump and then you just got stopped. It sort of got in the way of the fun.

“It was like we couldn’t quite decide if we were building Portal or a runner. And I don’t think the consumer was ready to switch it up quite that way. You could say it was a sharp and great innovation. I believe that it was. You have to figure out what to do from here if you want it to be a five million seller vs. a one-million unit seller.

“I’ve had several very lively debates with the dev team. And they are working on it. But there’s a couple of different directions you could go.”</blockquote>

Riccitiello's totally hit the nail on the head as to why the original Mirror's Edge was kind of flawed. Here's hoping we see more from the Mirror's Edge franchise soon. With the flaws fixed, of course. We'd totally be up for it.