Siren Blood Curse Is Pretty Damn Frightening.

Fear, like humour, is something video games have difficulty trying to portray. But Siren did it, making you feel vulnerable at every stage of the game.

What Siren: Blood Curse does so well is make you feel involved. You're often powerless in the game, which changes the pacing but enhances the scares. There's rarely a weapon to hand in Siren, and if there is, it's usually something like an empty bottle or a rake. Hardly the most powerful objects in the world. That instantly gives a sense of vulnerability. But the game goes even further than that.

Playing as young child is Siren's greatest twist. You're totally powerless. The girl is young, naive and frightened. The greatest strength in her arsenal is being able to hide in small areas, but otherwise you are completely powerless. Alas, without wanting to give too much away, there is one level where the villains won't attack. It's probably the most surreal moment in the game, and we'll leave you to face that yourself.

In Siren: Blood Curse, you're also capable of jacking into the sights of your enemy. This means you can see what they see. There's one moment in the game where you hide in a cupboard. By jacking into the sights of your pursuer, you can watch, through their eyes, their frantic search for new blood. You'll see your persuer close in on your position, and wait, expecting them to pull open the cupboard. It's rather terrifying, and again shows the levels of vulnerability you're subject to in Siren: Blood Curse.

It's not the most perfect of games. There are areas that are flawed, it's expensive, and the graphics aren't the greatest. But if you have nothing to do tonight, we recommend picking up Siren: Blood Curse from the Playstation Store. It's perfect for Hallowe'en.

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