Mini Ninjas on Playstation 3 Hands-On Impressions.

Coming from IO Interactive (synonymous with dark titles such as Kane & Lynch) it totally shuns the policy of dark and foreboding for something a little more family friendly.

Mini Ninjas is a bright, anime-inspired title with an underlining family flare. The game opens on a ninja-training village where you're introduced to the game's mechanics and character set — the tiny Hiro and massive Futo.

The game sends you on a mission to track down an evil dude who's been messing with the forces of nature. In typical style, you're the one remaining hope.

Of course as you progress through the game you'll come across other lost ninjas who'll become available to select the further you progress. They'll all have slightly altered skillsets.

Combat seems like a simple button bashing affair right now. You can build up combos to access special magic attacks but it's nothing particularly awe inspiring.

It's the world that will generate most interest. With an almost Wind Waker like aesthetic of deep blues and rich greens, the graphics really are a sight to behold. If exploring the world remains fun throughout, much of Mini Ninjas' entertainment may come from the lush aesthetics.

It's too early to say how Mini Ninjas will hold up across a full-length campaign. The short snippet we played showed promise in terms of aesthetic design. It may ultimately pull up short if the gameplay doesn't manage to hold interest.

We're certainly curious about seeing more, if only to see more wonderful environments.