Vampyr: Chapter 1 - All Collectibles and Weapon Locations 1

Where do you find all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 1 of Vampyr? In this section, we meet the residents of Pembroke Hospital. There are 2 collectibles and 5 weapons to discover. As part of our Vampyr guide, we're going to reveal the locations of all Collectibles and Weapons in Chapter 1, in the order that you'll find them.

Weapon #1: Used Stake

Once you've allocated your first set of skills and a set of enemies have broken into the house downstairs, teleport to the next building. On the level below you will be a body with the Used Stake stuck into it. This is part of the critical path so it's tough to miss.

Collectible #1: The Guard of Priwen: New Practises, New Tactics

Near the second warehouse you're forced to run through will be a pile of burning corpses. The body next to them sat on a chair will have the Collectible (See Also: Vampyr: All Collectibles Locations).

Weapon #2: Used Lupara

In the very same area as Collectible #1, teleport up to the metal balcony. The Used Lupara will be inside a suitcase.

Weapon #3: Used Scythe

Later on in the chapter, after crossing a bridge and entering a tunnel, Jonathon will mention that he needs fresh blood. Just ahead of you will be the Used Scythe (See Also: Vampyr: All Melee Weapons Locations) stuck into the wall on your right next to a lamp.

Weapon #4: Used Bludgeon

The Used Bludgeon is dropped automatically by William Bishop — you can't miss this one.

Collectible #2 - Weaknesses of Vampires: About the Use of Garlic and Wooden Stakes

Once you're at the entrance to the hospital, head to the right and this Collectible will be next to the very first bed you encounter.

Weapon #5: Used Hacksaw

Head to the first floor of the hospital and take a look in the right-wing. In the first operating room you come across, with the doors open, will be the Used Hacksaw on one of the beds.

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