Need a Back in a Flash walkthrough for The Last of Us 1, including all collectibles? In this The Last of Us 1 guide, we're going to show you how to achieve 100% completion in Back in a Flash, which is part of The Last of Us: Left Behind expansion.

There are 4x Artefacts to find in Back in a Flash, as Ellie searches for medicine to help Joel.

The Last of Us 1: Back in a Flash Walkthrough

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Back in a Flash is the first chapter of The Last of Us: Left Behind, an expansion which fleshes out some key moments in the game's storyline. The plot bridges the events between Science Building and The Hunt, but also acts as a prequel, fleshing out the events before 20 Years Later. It begins with Ellie in military school, and demonstrates her relationship with Riley. The chapter starts with a pretty long cutscene, so watch it through to the conclusion, before you take control of Ellie in a mall.

One thing to note is that your backpack has all of the Artefacts and Firefly Pendants that you have in The Hunt, and these don't count towards the DLC's collectibles total. Head straight up the staircase and down the corridor right of the statue to Weston's Pharmacy. While you will hear infected nearby, they're not an immediate threat, so don't panic just yet. Crawl underneath the garage door and into the pharmacy.

Artefact #1: Combination Note

Inside Weston's Pharmacy, behind the counter before the locked door, you'll find an Artefact named Combination Note.

Try the employees-only door at the back, which is locked but will alert Ellie's attention to some medicine. There's nothing more you can do in Weston's Pharmacy, so exit the way you came in and go inside American Princess instead, which is just next door. Ellie will automatically enter the lock combination if you found the previous Artefact. Crouch under the shutters again and go inside. There are a lot of spores in here, but you're immune. Look for the infected at the far back wall.

Artefact #2: Pharmacy Key

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Once you interact with the infected at the far back wall in American Princess, Ellie will collect an Artefact named Pharmacy Key. You'll need this to progress, so it's pretty much unmissable.

Artefact #3: Pharmacist's Note

After you've collected the Pharmacy Key, the infected will drop an Artefact named Pharmacist's Note, so be sure to pick that up.

Head back out of American Princess the way you came in, staying crouched because there's a Clicker outside. Get an easy stealth kill and then head back inside Weston's Pharmacy and unlock the door where you previously spotted the medical kit. Annoyingly, it's empty, so it's time to formulate another plan. That military helicopter could help!

Jump over the window back out into the mall, and make your way to the Pixitek store on your right first and foremost. There are two ways you can go in here, but the tunnel with all the debris will be blocked. Head up through the snow and follow the path around to the Rarity Nail Salon instead.

Artefact #4: Salon Note

There's a dead soldier at the back of the Rarity Nail Salon, propped up against the wall. Just in front of its body is an Artefact named Salon Note.

Collect the Health Kit from next to the corpse, and down the staircase directly ahead. Once you hop the rail, you'll trigger the Mallrats flashback.

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