Do you need a Chapter 4 walkthrough for Resident Evil 4? This is the fourth of 16 Chapters in the game, which form the Main Story. As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, we're going to share our in-depth Chapter 4 walkthrough. It will cover every enemy encounter, puzzle solutions, highlight Collectibles, mention Blue Request Notes, and touch on any other points of interest. The walkthrough is broken down into the main objectives the game tells you to complete.

After coughing up blood, Leon suddenly loses consciousness. Something is lingering inside his body, silently eroding him from inside out. He needs to find Ashley... before it's too late...

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Chapter 4 Walkthrough

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After passing out at the end of Chapter 3 following the boss fight with Del Lago, you shall head back to land and make contact with Hunnigan. Time is of the essence so Leon really needs to find a way into the Church to rescue Ashley, so now it's time to explore the Lake and uncover an elusive key.

Find the Key to the Church

Take the Handgun Ammo from the breakable barrel, then pass through the Boat House and out the other side to reveal complete darkness has fallen. With some Pesetas and more Handgun Ammo on either side, you can follow the linear path through the cave to some Villagers, a couple of which have mutated to have long tentacles sprouting out their necks. Pesetas and a Green Herb await at the entrance to the Mural Cave, which houses the key we need to get inside the Church. Follow the path to the right and interact with the painting on the wall to discover the locations of the two objects needed to unlock access to the Church key.

Investigate the Two Locations

Keep on following the path and you'll eventually find another Boat which you can use to both reach the two locations marked on the Map and fully explore the Lake area. On the stone wall, you'll also find a Blue Request Note called Egg Hunt and then the Old Wayshrine Key on the altar to the right.

To start, we're going to cover the location directly west of your starting position in the Mural Cave. Get on the Boat and use it to reach the ramp where you can moor up and access the new cave network. Please use the images below for reference:

Back on land, progress to the left will be blocked by a locked gate. Head to the right instead and follow the linear path around, dealing with the Villagers along the way. There's Gunpowder, Pesetas, Handgun Ammo, a Green Herb, a Velvet Blue, and a Flash Grenade to collect from the breakable barrels and boxes as you go, as well as a Yellow Herb on the ground for health upgrades.

No matter what path you take through the Large Cave Shrine, you'll eventually find a panel next to a locked gate with symbols on it. You'll need to press the three correct symbols in any order to open the gate, and you can find out which ones are needed nearby. Look on the walls of the cave and you'll spot yellow paint; these are the symbols you need.

Directly opposite the panel is one symbol, you'll then find the second further down the path on the wall on your left. The final one is then next to the ladder closest to the panel. Once you've memorised them, return to the panel and press the three correct buttons. Again: you can press them in any order. It just needs to be the right ones. If you're having any trouble, use the images below for help.

Head inside and take the Apostate's Head, returning to your Boat and blasting the Villagers that spawn along the way. Instead of going back the way you came, go left instead and ride the Boat to a little island where you can unlock a Wayshrine and claim an Alexandrite. Continue along the water and you'll be back out in the main Lake area. Instead of heading for the next objective, we recommend exploring the boat in the centre of the Lake as well as the little islands along the edge. There are also new things to do in the Lakeside Settlement, like finding another Clockwork Castellan and picking up another Blue Request Note called Catch Me a Big Fish.

When you're ready to progress, head to the northeast corner of the Lake and enter the Small Cave Shrine. Here, you'll need to solve a very similar puzzle to the one that was at the Large Cave Shrine: memorise the symbols on the walls and then input them into the panel. You'll find one next to the ladder on the left, the second just upstairs by lining up the wall with the cave, and then the last one is right around the corner. Input the three symbols into the panel and you'll unlock the door, allowing you to take the Blasphemer's Head. If you need any help, again use the images below.

Get the Key to the Church

Before leaving the Small Cave Shrine, go upstairs and grab a Ruby. Now we have both the required items, return to the Mural Cave and place the Apostate's Head and Blasphemer's Head on the two hands of the shrine. You'll be given the Church Insignia.

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Head for the Church

Now we have a way of getting inside the Church, head back on your Boat via the Merchant stand directly west of the Boat House. You can then stock up on supplies, buy any upgrades, and then make your way through the Quarry.

Defeat the Giant

However, when you get there, you'll be ambushed by an El Gigante. Begin the boss fight by shooting its head, preferably with the SR M1903 rifle for some accuracy and power. The boss will kick you, charge at you, and slam the floor to try and deal damage, so try not to ever be too close to it. After enough hits, a parasite will shoot out of its back.

Again, with the SR M1903 rifle, target the parasite and shoot it until El Gigante becomes staggered and goes down onto one knee. At this point, you can run up to it and slash the parasite with your Combat Knife. Once you've done this, the Dog from earlier will appear and start distracting El Gigante. This should make it easier for you to first land some shots, then target the parasite on it appears on the boss' back again. After the third sequence of climbing onto its back and attacking the parasite with your Combat Knife, the boss should die.

Head for the Church

After the encounter, grab any supplies in the area — particularly from the houses — then praise the Dog. It's sitting near the Quarry exit and deserves a bit of fuss. When you get back to the Church entrance, insert the Church Insignia and head inside.

Look for Ashley in the Church

Supplies to grab include a Small Key, Gunpowder, Pesetas, Submachine Gun Ammo, a Green Herb, and Bolts. Also be on the lookout for the Blue Dial, as you'll need it for the next puzzle. To progress, pull the lever on the lefthand side of the altar to reveal multiple dials and a coloured glass puzzle. For help solving it, refer to our How to Solve the Coloured Glass Pulpit Puzzle.

Once you've completed it, a new passageway to your left will be revealed, allowing you to climb a ladder. At the top, destroy the breakable barrels for some Pesetas and then enter the room for a cutscene. This concludes Chapter 4.

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